PUPPPs Relief Mission

PUPPPs is my thing.
I don't really want it to be my thing, but after having it with ALL of my pregnancies, it's my thing. I am a mom of 4 little girls, and I'm pregnant with my fifth sweet, tiny person. There are so many women out there suffering from PUPPPs and very few places dedicated to information about PUPPPs. My goal is to provide a one-stop-shop for information and conversation about this horrid rash.

March 25, 2018

Pregnant with my 6th and PUPPPs AGAIN!

Hi everyone!

Yep, you read that right. I’m 16 weeks along with my 6th baby. 🤰🏼 And my PUPPPs rash started at 13 weeks on my back. I’ve got a game plan this time, though! 

I will plan to share the journey with you as I go along. After I discuss a few things with my midwives tomorrow, I’ll fill you in on the plan! 

There is hope with this condition, and PUPPPs babies are so worth it!

Much love, 


September 21, 2017

A Place To Buy My Oil Blend

Hello out there, itchy Mamas! Let me just first say, I'm sorry you've had a reason to find yourself here. PUPPPs is agony

Next, if you've read desperately through my blog, you've probably run across my Essential Oil Blend. I was selling it for a while, but another PUPPPs suffered asked me if she could sell it on Etsy for me. She uses my exact recipe, so I wanted to give her a shout out and endorse her shop. 

You can find her at OhioEssentials and the product is called PUPPP CLEAR.

Click here to go to her shop.

I hope you find as much relief with it as I found! Feel free to comment back here with how it worked for you or to leave her a review on her shop letting others know!

November 1, 2016

PUPPPs...For the 5th time!

Well, here I am again, I'm sorry to say. I have PUPPPs again. I made it to 29 weeks this time! I was hopeful that this might be my first pregnancy without PUPPPs! But sadly, I'm 33 weeks now, and I've just reached the keeps-me-up-for-hours-at-night, scratch-til-I-bleed, red-itchy-patches-everywhere, I-might-go-crazy Stage. You know that stage? I'm sure you do. I'm sorry you do. 

For all of you wondering if my oil blend is helping this time (See here for my Cooling Relief Oil Recipe), sadly not enough. As before, it does bring temporary relief. But the rash just keeps getting worse and worse, spreading more each day. 

I'm strongly considering trying topical steroids again this time. You do what you gotta do to stay sane.

There is a strong aspect of the mental game this time. I know what's ahead. I know how much time I have left. It's simply depressing. 

The nights are the worst. Hours and hours awake, scratching with my trusty hairbrush (this fella here), trying not to wake people with the noise and the crying. I know I could bring my cooler of ice packs to bed again, but that is depressing too. To get to that point. After functioning so well last time!

I know you come to this blog looking for answers and hope. So I'm sorry for this little venting session. When I get over the grief and accept that I need to deal with this, I will let you all know what relief I find this time around. 

In the meantime, you once again have my fresh sympathy. Fresh and acute. I say this as I discover a new patch in my HAIR. Sigh. 

Signing off for now.


April 8, 2016

Essential Oil Blend for Poison Oak

Ok, I know this is off topic from PUPPPs (for any new-comers, this is a blog about a miserable pregnancy rash.), BUT this is too good NOT to share. 

I don't currently have any rash, but I ALWAYS keep a bottle of my PUPPPs Essential oil blend around, because we've found it is super handy for anything itchy. Bug bite? Momma whips out the oils. Dry skin? Momma whips out the oils. My girls request "mom's oils" for all their itchy needs!

So, when my husband got a nasty case of poison oak after a run-in with a bush, I urged him to give it a try. It worked soooo well! The puffiness of the rash (which was impressive) went away within the hour, and the oozing, weepy part dried up within a day or two of 3x day applications. Plus, it curbed the itch big time!

I'm kicking myself for not getting before and after pictures!

You can read in more detail about my blend (and get the recipe) 
in my other post about my essential oil blend. There should be a link on the right side of the page, as long as you're not viewing the blog in the mobile version. 

The main oils are:


Then, there's just a touch of these:
Tea tree
Ylang ylang

I dilute my oils in jojoba oil, as it is already wonderful for skin. 

I hope someone is helped by this! My husband was sure thankful!

June 4, 2015

Hang in there!

I know most days with PUPPPs are too much. Too much itching. Too many tears. Too many weird remedies. 

But I want to add one more thought to that mess. 

There is a baby coming soon! And that little person is waiting to meet you! To be held in your arms. To get to know how you smell. To hear your heart beating from the outside. Waiting to share their first smile. Waiting to grab your pinky finger and hold on tight. 

And soon, that little person will grow. You will love them more each day. They are with you for the long run. Also, each day (eventually), the memory of your rash will fade a little bit. It really will. The trauma will be in the past.

This is my little chubby lump of love...

She is 7 months old now! That is as long as I had PUPPPs in her pregnancy! I can tell you that the last 7 months went by much faster than the first! 

If you've spent many desperate nights online searching blogs and forums for PUPPPs info, you're probably familiar with my PUPPPs stories (all FOUR of them!). But I would like to hear some of yours!

If you have a tidbit of encouragement for other suffering moms, please leave a comment for them. 

If you're interested in doing a guest post, please email me at pupppsmom@gmail.com. Your story will be read by hundreds of suffering moms every week! It's so helpful to hear from people who have made it to the other side when you're in the middle of it. 

Thanks, ladies! 

April 14, 2015

Almost 1/2 a year is over...

...since I had my 4th PUPPPs baby! She'll be 6 months old soon! 

I thought it was time to update you all. 

The big question...am I still itching!?!

Well, yes and no. 

I wish I could just say no. But my skin stays...weird for quite a while after a baby. 

Prior to having my first child, I had boringly normal skin. Nothing to report. Not even a touch of eczema. But after each baby, it seems to take quite a while for my skin to normalize. 

The main PUPPPs rash typically goes away around 2 months postpartum. But in it's stead, I have experienced everything from eczema in my elbows and behind my knees to a sudden, strong sensitivity to my wedding ring!

Currently, I have eczema on my arms, an itchy patch of skin on my belly, and and I can't wear my wedding ring at all! My ring finger breaks out in crazy itchy bumps and scaly dry skin if I wear it even for a short time. I've never been allergic to it before a month ago! 

My skin has just never been the same since PUPPPs. I wish some expert could tell me why, but my doctor and midwives haven't a clue. I'm curious if any other post PUPPPs moms out there have had the same experience! Please comment if you have anything to share! 

December 23, 2014

7 weeks Postpartum

I think we are finally in the clear! The last visible remnant of rash is gone! I have a mild itch every now and then, but it's more like winter dry skin itch. NOTHING like a PUPPPs itch. I am thankful to be on the other side of my 4th bout with PUPPPs!

But I have on my mind that there of thousands of you out there still in the throws of the worst of it! 

I'm so sorry! I feel your pain! If you haven't already, please check out my posts titled "treatments I've tried" and "Essential Oil Blend: Amazing Relief" for my most helpful itch relief tips! You can find those links on the far right of the blog, under Popular posts. 

(7 week old PUPPPs Baby #4!)

Wishing you all an itch-free Christmas!